The sixth Doctor and his technicolour trenchcoat has been off our screens for over 23 years, but Colin Baker has been a regular fixture on stereos around the world since, lending his voice to a series of much-loved audioplays. His latest, Kangazang!, however isn’t a sixth Doctor story but spins the yarn of Earthling Jeff Spooner and his alien barber, Ray Scump, as they search for the fabled Universal Remote Control.

Aided by two badly programmed robots and an army of warrior Space Hoppers, the pair dive and try to dodge the biggest threats in the galaxy: Supreme Overlord Kelvin (emperor of Skragg), the terminally depressed Emo people and Queen Shelley (a bald, cannibalistic Amazon who has a score to settle from way back)...

Baker not only narrates the out-of-this-world adventure (based on a novel by Terry Cooper) but takes on several roles alongside Sherlock’s Claire Cage. Released on triple CD with a bonus DVD where Baker discusses his time on Doctor Who, his love of sci-fi and Kangazang! For a snippet of what to expect listen to the trailer click here, or visit the Kangazang! website here. To be in with a chance of winning a copy all you have to do is answer this easy-peasy question:

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