Win a MacBook Air and a copy of Orbicule Undercover 5!

With 10 copies of Undercover 5 for runners-up

t’s every Mac owner’s worst nightmare. You get home from work, holiday or a night out, and find your house burgled and your Mac stolen. Will you ever see your precious computer again?

Orbicule’s amazing Undercover is designed to help recover a stolen Mac and bring the miscreants to justice. After installing Undercover 5, the app runs unnoticed in the background until you flag your Mac as stolen using the online control centre. It then springs into action and gathers information that could prove invaluable to the police. Your webcam takes pictures of whoever’s using your Mac, and its location and network information is gathered. A key logger records everything that’s typed on your stolen computer, and if all else fails, Undercover can simulate a malfunction to get the miscreant to take it to a repair centre, where it can be identified as stolen.

One lucky winner will bag a MacBook Air and a copy of Orbicule Undercover, with 10 copies of Undercover for the runners-up.

This competition is now closed.