Taking on the right nutrition is essential if you want to ride at your best. To help you fuel, hydrate, sustain and recover like a pro, Multipower have developed their new Endurance range. Specific products for before, during and after exercise make it simple to get the most from every training session. Check out details on the full Multipower Endurance range here. To enter the prize draw, simply answer the question below.

We tested the new range back in the summer. Find out how we got on here.

We have a big pile of Multipower Endurance products, worth over £100, for one lucky reader to win. The prize includes:

1 box of Multicarbo Hi-Energy Jelly Bars

The Hi-Energy Jelly Bar is a new innovation by Multipower that avoids
the messiness and digestion problems that some athletes find with gels.
One 50g Hi-Energy Jelly Bar delivers 28g of carbs and 120kcal comprised
of glucose for a quick energy boost and isomaltulose, a low glycemic
carbohydrate that's easily digested and absorbed slowly for gradual
energy release. Hi-Energy gels can be used before or during training.




A selection of Hi-Energy bars and Recovery bars

Hi-Energy bars are designed to give you a pre-training energy
boost that will ensure you have a great session. Hi-Energy bars
come in three tasty flavours that all have an extra ingredient to give you a lift:
Lemon with caffeine, Chocolate with Guarana, and Citrus Mix with Green Tea
Extract. Each 50g bar delivers 30g of carbs, 6.8g of protein and 184kcal.


Multipower's Recovery Bars can be used as an alternative or a
compliment to a recovery drink after training. Each great tasting
chocolate bar gives you 13g of protein and 18g of carbs.



1 tub of ISO Drink

ISO Drink is designed to keep you hydrated and fuelled during
even the hardest rides. It comes in lemon, raspberry and orange
flavours, each of which is seriously refreshing and provides 31g
of carbs and 129kcal per 500ml serving. ISO Drink also contains
L-Carnitine to improve circulation and support energy production.




1 tub of Multicarbo drink

This hypertonic energy drink is ideal for use as a pre-ride fuel 
and as a more intense carb source during exercise. Each 500ml
serving provides 50g of carbs and 209kcal with a fresh Red Orange
taste. Multicarbo drink also contains 170mg of magnesium per
serving to help prevent cramping.





1 tub of Re-Charge drink

Re-Charge is a tasty and refreshing recovery drink that doesn't
sit heavily in your stomach and yet contains all of the nutrition that
your muscles require after a hard training ride or race. Each 500ml
serving provides 8.3g of protein, 33g of carbs and 179kcal in a
specifically tailored carbohydrate matrix, plus 2.25g of PeptoPro,
a fast-acting, natural protein product developed by scientists to
speed up the recovery process.



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