Win a Creative Labs Sound BlasterAxx!

Enter our competition to win two SBX20 and five SBX10 speaker towers!

Sound BlasterAxx is a speaker tower like no other. As well as playing your music, it listens, talks and
adapts, acting as a central hub of communication. With a high-quality built-in microphone, you can make
VoIP calls or link with Bluetooth to your phone and use it to make calls from anywhere in the room. Its
Smart Volume feature keeps the transmitted volume at a constant level, even if you're walking around
while talking. Alternatively, use the Voice Focus feature to narrow the area covered by the mic. If you're
making a call while sitting at your desk, it picks up your voice but doesn't take in the radio in the corner
of the room. Its ambient noise filter does much to cut out background sounds, and it's no slouch for
playing your music, movies and games either, with offset drivers giving a stereo effect that's often
missing from tower systems.

Sound BlasterAxx is available in three models. The top-of-the-range SBX 20 costs around £180. The
SBX 10 is smaller, but boasts the same feature set for £130. The SBX 8 is £80, and lacks Bluetooth.
Thanks to Creative Labs, we've got two Sound BlasterAxx SBX 20s and five SBX 10s to give away.

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